Expat Health Insurance for Foreigners

Expat Health Insurance for Foreigners

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If you are among the foreigners in Thailand, it is important to possess a comprehensive expat health insurance scheme. It is also important for you to have a exceptional insurance service support to obtain peace of mind when in foreign countries. This principle is applicable, irrespective of the duration of stay. Thailand Plans will offer you the best possible medical insurance solutions for expats, tailored just for you.

Thailand Health Insurance from Expatriate Healthcare

We at Expatriate Healthcare are professionals in providing customers with internationally available medical insurances to both tourists as well as expatriates. As we are the pioneers in our field we would be able to offer you the best possible protection during your stay in Thailand.

The medical insurance policies offered for Thailand is inclusive of many added benefits with the following as standard:

  • Emergency and accidental medical treatment
  • 24/7 emergency contact line
  • Emergency dental care
  • Medical evacuation during an emergency
  • Medical repatriation

Your Health is very important and should be protected at all cost. If you are a foreigner, you may be posed with difficulties in locating a specialist should an adverse condition occur. At Thailand Plans, we partner with top insurance companies who can provide all-round coverage with the best multi-lingual support. This way, the information you need is just a phone call away. On top of that, our in-house team at Thailand Plans will service you as well, we can also help you gain a simple claim experience by assisting you with it. Our friendly customer service staff will be with you all the way! Whether you’re thinking of insurance for your employer or family, we can help direct you through your different options so that you can receive the coverage you want. Medical insurance is an essential portion of our medical care system.

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Premium Healthcare Benefits

Our high level insurance products will provide you the protection you need, whether you encounter injuries or illnesses. You can gain access to any health facilities of your desire, including first class. Our Health Insurance comes with exception benefits and plan can be customized to fit your needs at your budget. Do not forget, health insurance isn’t really health insurance. It is an effective tool with which people can shield themselves as well as their family members from any health emergencies.

Get a Quote today. We will recommend you the best plan for your budget. Our staff are ever-ready to serve you, from enquiries to claims. Apart from top-notch support from the insurers, you can get the support from us at anytime, where we can assist in claiming, medical advice and etc.

DISCLAIMER : This website provides general information only and it does not offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be legally binding through submission of any online form/application provided in this site nor through any facsimile, voice mail, or e-mail.
Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.