Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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Searching for a proper private health insurance for yourself or your family is not exactly an easy task. Here at Thailand Plans, we are in to help. Our international health insurance will come in handy in an unexpected adverse medical situation, whether you are in Bangkok, Thailand or anywhere in the world. Be protected not only for general health, but for dental, pregnancy, optical, psychiatrist, etc.

Get a quote with us today! Upon receiving your inquiry, we will a examine your needs and with our tailored solutions, you will receive a health insurance policy with the best coverage at the cost you like. Guard your greatest asset today; your health!

In Thailand these days, you will be able to find numerous health insurance providers. What sets us apart from the rest is the comprehensive coverage we offer. Apart from this, we also offer premium customer support and claims support, where you can settle your claims in a matter of minutes!


Medical Benefits

Our health insurance comes with comprehensive benefits and will cover you for injuries, illnesses and emergencies. This includes, hospitalization, day-care treatments, pregnancy, optical, dental, health checks and pre-existing conditions.

Where ever you are, you will have the peace of mind. Our health insurance are from among the most prestigious health insurers in the world and will cover you at anytime and at any health facility, even first class.

Learn more today. Get a quote and know more about the benefits and cost. The comprehensive protective package is available for individuals, companies, and families. When processing the quote, we consider several factors such as your medical needs and premium. We aspire to bring you the best cost in the market for the benefits you wish to get or that will suit you well.

DISCLAIMER : This website provides general information only and it does not offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be legally binding through submission of any online form/application provided in this site nor through any facsimile, voice mail, or e-mail.
Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.