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Travel Insurance

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Best Travel Insurance Thailand

Buy travel insurance in Thailand online with us today! From among the top insurers, compare travel insurance plans with us and get the best deals in Thailand.

Best travel insurance offers 2 basic plans. These include one time or single trip travel insurance plan or an annual coverage plan. When deciding the plan, Best Travel offers you both options along with their price ranges. Moreover, it also lets you compare these with other plans so that you may take the best decision. The client gets to compare many options and prices from within the travel insurance plans it offers.

Travel insurance is an essential while travelling. Be it domestic or international, travel insurance is a must. If a client faces any issue during their travel plan, Best Travel has you sorted. Accidents and illness come announced. It is better to take precaution before trouble, here Best Travel Insurance comes in and saves its clients

Best Travel Insurance plans provide you with the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation rather than worry about a potential mishap that could happen.

Travel Insurance Thailand Comparison

Buying travel insurance from Best Travel provides you with numerous local and international options. Equipped with a team of friendly, dedicated and confident staff, Best Travel has your worries sorted. Its comprehensive plans let you think through all the benefits you want, along with comparing other options to estimate feasibility.

On purchasing Best Travels insurance, clients get a variety of options to choose from. Plans offered range from covering basic accidents to drastic events on which the client had no control. Not only this, it is an all expense covered plan; medical and non-medical. Best Travel offers customized plans suited as per your needs. This means the client has the absolute authority in constructing their travel insurance plans. Moreover, the global travel coverage covers all nationalities which make it convenient and useful for everyone.

Best Annual Travel Insurance Thailand / Single Trip Travel Insurance

Global Coverage
Annual Coverage Unlimited Medical Cover
24/7 In-house Services, including medical specialists (administrative and doctors)
All Nationalities are Covered
No Co-payment on Treatments
Coverage for risky situations
Any Doctors and Hospitals Globally
Coverage for Evacuation/Accompaniment
Coverage for Non-medical (Baggage Mishaps, Theft, Property Damage, Missed Flight, Travel Delay, Trip Cancellation)
Tailor made solutions available

Coverage Options
Single Trip
Annual Coverage


Tailor-made insurance plan

As specified earlier, Best Travel deals in customized, tailor made plans to fit every individuals’ needs. They are adapted as per the clients demand so as to put them at ease.

The dedicated staff is available 24/7 to assist any client in whatever way possible.

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Only upon the confirmation of a licensed agent do insurance coverage or changes to insurance policy go into effect.