Cigna Global

Cigna Global Health Insurance (ประกันภัย)

Cigna Global has been in the international health insurance (ประกันภัย) market for more than 30 years. The client base is from countries such as Thailand and worldwide. Cigna Insurance works with millions of customers to lead a secure life. Cigna provides its international clientele with high quality healthcare products to achieve the best medical care in any country.

To look after its 60 million global customer base, Cigna employs 30,000 people. This huge work force enables Cigna to provide quality healthcare all across the globe.

Cigna Global Plan

Cigna Global insurance offers three levels of fundamental healthcare plans to choose from. In each plan there is a lot of financial coverage available. This includes hospitalization; planned or unplanned. Moreover surgeries, cancer treatment and advanced imaging are also included in the plans.

Cigna Global Optional Benefits

Cigna Global insurance plans even account for outpatient treatments. In these clients get consultation with a medical expert without getting hospitalized. Furthermore, there are family doctor visitation, pregnancies, medicines, evacuation, vision and dental. These benefits are available under a flexible cover of international agreements.

Cigna Insurance Advantages

Amongst all these, Cigna Insurance also offers global coverage with top class benefits and other list of benefits to choose from. This helps its international clientele to get many benefits cheap.

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