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Cigna Global is a globally recognized international health and travel insurance provider serving its customers for the past three decades in Thailand as well as countries across the world. They have successfully established long lasting partnerships with millions of health care centres and professionals across the world to provides its customers with the best health insurance protection. Their coverage provides the most comprehensive international coverage so you would be protected medically irrespective of where you are in the world. Obtain a quote from us and know hoe Cigna would provide you the best premium medical coverage internationally.

Cigna has a clientele of 60 million members across the globe and supported by a staff in excess of 30,000, prepared to serve and help you to obtain the best possible health care possible. Ensuring you that you are insured in the most appropriate way is vital, hence for that purpose we are with you to assist you. At Thailand Plans, we are in the firm opinion that making a smart decision on insurance would pay dividends in abundance, which is the most important thing. Cigna Thailand, has abundant experience in the field of insurance, professionalism and technical knowledge which you can depend upon and coupled with tumours premiums, you can swiftly obtained the scheme you desire at the most affordable price. Obtain a quote today.

Cigna Global Plan

Cigna Global Health Insurance provides insurance at 3 levels in the fundamental scheme, once the plan has been selected it can be enhanced with the add-on options, so as to make the plan to tailor to your needs to a budget feasible to you. Fundamental scheme is inclusive of hospitalization, outpatient treatment, cancer care and also complicated imaging procedures.

When deciding your Cigna Plan, we place special emphasis on placing your requirements first. Having a proper healthcare insurance would ensure peace of mind without having to worry about your health as well the health of your loved ones. The service to obtain the customized plans provides the highest possible level of health care within a budget which is affordable. Thailand Plan and Cigna Global is motivated to make everyone live their lives to the fullest potential possible.

Cigna Global Optional Benefits

Out-patient service provides day-care treatments and visits to the family doctor too, you obtain the privilege of having your consultations and the essential medication under the coverage without needing to be hospitalized. As said above, there is coverage for pregnancy, evacuation in the case of emergency, ophthalmological services, dental work-ups and coverage for pre-existing chronic illnesses. This service is available in facilities located not only in Thailand but also across the world. The scheme would provide you with adequate protection not just within Thailand and also n countries across the world when you visit abroad for studies, visits or business.

Get a Cigna Global Plan with us

The main distinguishing character of Cigna Insurance is the provision of tailor-made plans to suit your requirements internationally irrespective of your location. Apart from that, Cigna is also known for the provision of multi-language customer assistance, flexible approach to deductibles and also psychiatric care. The services provided by Cigna are incomparable to the service rendered by other organizations. They have a long history in insurance services and has been providing insurance coverage for expatriates for the past six decades.

When an insurance quote is issued to you, we would place emphasis on you personal needs and the market prices into consideration. Hence, you would be getting the most premium health care service to the most competitive price in the market. We provide you with unwavering commitment and attention which you expect, so you would be at ease not having the burden of health insurance on your shoulders. You will be protected by our team. Because of our international coverage, you will be at peace when traveling the world. Get in touch with Thailand Plan now to enrol in a Cigna Global Plan this very moment to be freed from the burden.

We are there to welcome you, to start a new plan with us or to simply transfer an existing plan to us. Contact us without any hesitation to our skilled customer care service via telephone or email.

Cigna Dental Coverage Option

Visits to the dentist can be a daunting experience to most. It is also an expensive affair. If you are facing such a situation, it is imperative that you have the assistance of insurance. Cigna Global offers several plans which is inclusive of dental care to accommodate all your dental requirements. This will assist you to save up a significant amount of money. Dental insurance is generally provided as  a part of the health insurance scheme. But there are plans which are custom made to suit your dental problems. So irrespective of what condition you have, we will always be there for you for support.

We have included dental surgeries in the package. Contact us now to obtain additional details. The protection plan is inclusive of regular dental check-ups. Because this has to be done on a regular basis, it is important to have an insurance, which would provide you with the opportunity for it. You will not have to bother yourself with time periods as Cigna has a minimal waiting period and is dedicated to achieving what you want. This enhances its value considerably. If you require more details, feel free to contact us.

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