Cigna Global Health & Travel Insurance


Cigna Global have been a renown provider of international health and travel insurance policies for the last 30 years and have clients coming from Thailand and worldwide. The have gained partnership with millions of facilities and specialist worldwide in order to provide the most relevant health insurance products in the industry. Their health insurance products will give you an adequate global protection so you can feel the medical freedom where ever you are world wide. Get a quote today and begin to realize how Cigna could give you the best benefits for you need in terms of premium medical care, and where ever you are worldwide.

Cigna have over 60 million members worldwide and supporting them is an team of over 30,000 people, ever-ready to serve you and assist you in getting the quality healthcare you need. Making sure that you are protected the right way is crucial, and this is why we are always here to assist. Here at Thailand Plans, we believe that investing in the right insurance services can pay off a lot, and that is the thing that matters the most. Cigna Thailand have the experience, expertise and professionalism you can rely on on and together with a wide variety of premiums, you can easily get the scheme you will need at the best rates. Get a quote today!

Cigna Global Plan

Cigna Global Health Insurance comes in 3 different levels of coverage in fundamental option, after which, the customization allowance enables you to add on options, so you can tailor your plan to cater for your needs at your budget. The fundamental level would cover hospitalization, daycare treatments, cancer treatments and even advanced imaging.

When creating a Cigna plan for you, we always focus on putting your needs first. Now you will be able to experience the world without ever worrying about the most fundamental condition, your health and family’s. With our tailored solutions you will get the proper health benefits you need on a premium level and at your budget. Thailand Plan and Cigna Global strives to make a difference for the lives of individuals.

Cigna Global Optional Benefits

Your Outpatient benefits accounts for day-care treatments and even family doctor; you can get your consultation and medicines covered without being hospitalized. As mentioned above, Pregnancy, evacuation, vision, dental and pre-existing conditions are also covered, where this flexibility applies to medical facilities located in Thailand or at anywhere worldwide. The scheme will not only cover you while you are in Thailand, but around the world as well, as you travel for visitation, work or studies.

Get a Cigna Global Plan with us

Comprehensive cover and flexible insurance protection irrespective of your geographical location is the main advantage of Cigna services. Besides, Cigna global is renowned for offering unique services such as multi-lingual support, deductible flexibility, and psychiatric care. There is a lot to get from this global company that you can’t compare with any other health insurance company. The extensive experience in the industry is unmatched; in fact, the company focused on expatriate coverage for the last 60 years.

When issuing you a quote, we will take your requirements and competitive rates into consideration. Therefore, you will be receiving the best international benefits for the best price. We are a very reliable, competitive and helpful team that’s always here to help. We bring you the commitment and focus you want, so you can rely on our team to help you. Thanks to our global coverage, you never have to worry about health issues even while traveling. Contact Thailand Plan now and sign up for a Cigna Global plan right now to take the weight off your shoulders!

Whether you are thinking of transferring your plan to us, or looking to acquiring a new scheme, we welcome you. Feel free to contact our friendly representative through phone or email.

Cigna Dental Coverage Option

Going to the dentist can be a very stressful experience for some people. It can also be expensive to boot. But you cannot ignore your dental needs forever. If you are going to take care of your needs, it always helps to have insurance behind your back. Cigna Global has a number of plans that will include dental benefits to suit all your dental needs. This will help in reducing your overall costs. Dental insurance is generally not offered separately but as a part of the total insurance package. But we offer you cover that are specifically tailored for your dental needs. So regardless of what you may need, we are there for you.

Some of what we cover include surgeries of any kind. To know more about this, you can always contact us. the coverage also covers routine maintenance. This is necessary for you to take care of your teeth. Since this is done more frequently, you may feel that it will cost you a lot. With our insurance cover, you will be able to go for it. You need not worry that you have to wait for a long time. The waiting period with Cigna Global is minimal and is focused on getting the job done for you. This makes it an attractive health option for you to choose. As always, if you need to learn more about something, feel free to get in touch with us.

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