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Bupa Global International Insurance

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Thailand plans is a leading Thailand agency for the company Bupa International Health Insurance, also know as Bupa Global.  Bupa Global is a world renown provider of international health  & Travel insurance to individuals, families and companies. Thailand plans provides medical insurance advice to clients, customizing a plan to fit your needs and your budget, and according to your nationality and residence, whether you are living in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket or worldwide.. We also provide solutions to companies enabling proper management of HR risk and expenses optimization.

As a renown premium health insurer, Bupa International is also among the largest providers of health protection schemes in the world, boasting presence in over 190 countries and with a membership based of almost a million. To bring about the best medical insurance in the world, Bupa International also have independent healthcare and research facilities globally.

Bupa Global health Insurance Plans Advantages

The medical expertise that Bupa International provides its customers is par excellent. Bupa International have a team of expert doctors. The expert doctors are skilled and well trained to handle any kind of emergencies. From treating tropical illnesses to high altitude illnesses, the support that they provide ensures customers well-being. They also provide transport and evacuation assistance to the customers. The doctors work 24/7 to ensure that the customers receive proper medical attention and are safe.

Thailand International Medical Policy

Thailand Plans provide tailored plans from Bupa International, coming with a comprehensive coverage that brings you the peace of mind. The cover provides international benefits for preventive health screening, hospitalization, day-care, family doctor, medicines,  pregnancy, optical, dental and pre-existing conditions.  Further more, medical treatments could be done in a cashless manner, meaning Bupa will provide direct settlement with the medical facility with no penalty for claiming. This applies to ANY medical facilities globally, even for leading specialist.

Bupa aspires for their members to be happy and healthy, living a peaceful life, with quality multi-lingual support and well constructed health insurance plans.

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Health Options

Core – Whether it’s an emergency treatment or a periodic treatment, it gets covered. It also covers the treatment for all kinds of surgery, cancer treatment, and endoscopy. The beneficiary is not required to be hospitalized for the cover. The scheme also provides cover for non-hospitalized medical treatments.

Outpatient – Covers the charges for consultation with a doctor or a specialist. It also provides cover for non-hospitalized medical treatments. Additionally, it covers childcare, maternity care, complementary medicine, and phonetics.

Outpatient medical  – Provides cover for prescriptions. Additionally, it provides cover for medical devices including oxygen cylinders and wheelchairs.

Welfare – Provides cover for health, especially for the teeth and the eyes.


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