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Allianz is a famous brand in the insurance industry in Thailand and worldwide. They are renown for their travel and health insurance products. Allianz health insurance and Allianz Global Assistance (Travel Insurance) has been trusted by the fortune 500 companies worldwide and Allianz have a client based of closed to a hundred million members who are situtated worldwide. The Allianz Achievements have been made possible due to the services they offer. Allianz have been establishing standards on an international basis, taking utmost importance in offering extensive help to their members. Like all our Health Insurance plans, Allianz Insurance enables you to customize your own health plan. These enables you the gain whatever you need at your budget.

Allianz Health Insurance Solutions

Allianz is a provider of medical insurance for expats, providing premium health insurance to individuals, families and corporate groups. Being renown throughout the world, they are one healthcare protection company who you can trust with being protected globally. The have a wide range of customization options in addition to a core plan, allowing their plans give you the best benefits for your budget. Get a quote today! At Thailand plans, we are proud to be a partner of this prestigious group.

With just a phone call, you can gain the treatment you need at the best facility. Should the country not have the adequate medical facilities, rest assured, there is Medical Evacuation which can send you to another location withe the medical facilities you need. Speak to our Allianz Health Insurance professional today!

Some of the key features in an Allianz plan:

-Worldwide coverage: Be medically protected where ever you are worldwide, whether you are abroad for work, studies or vacation.
-Industry leader: Almost 100 million clients in almost a hundred countries.
-Tailored solutions: Mix and match the options of your desire or we Thailand Plans could do it professionally for you, in order for you to get the best benefits for your budgets and needs.
-Highly Multi-lingual: Speaking about 30 different languages.
-Highly Efficient: Get your claims done within just 2 days.

Here at Thailand plans, we offer a spectrum of Allianz Health and Travel Insurance products, offering coverage for students, individuals, families, expatriates and companies. Everyone’s needs has  has been considered during plan constructing, with prices and benefits been arranged appropriately to meet your basic to complex needs.

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Allianz Global Assistance (Travel Insurance)

Allianz Travel Insurance is unique. taking care of your medical and non-medical expenses while you travel. Comprehensive coverage applies – restorative medical treatments, repatriation and incidental non-medical benefits (e.g. lost baggage)

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