Allianz Insurance Global Assistance

Allianz Insurance (ประกันภัย)

Allianz Insurance is a popular name in global travel and health insurance (ประกันภัย) products. Allianz health insurance and Allianz Global Assistance has been endorsed by the Fortune 500 companies globally. The company has a clientele of over 83 million customers worldwide. All this was possible, due to the huge paradigm of services offered. Allianz has established itself as a key mentor in helping its clients where ever they are in the world. They prioritize each customer and deal with them individually.  Allianz provides you with the chance to construct a medical plan based on what is important and necessary for your well-being. Thailand plan global clients range from Thailand and Worldwide.

Allianz Health Insurance

Thailand Plans offers a wide variety of Allianz health insurance products. These include students, expats and many others. Every individuals need has been thought of and then the plan is constructed. Insurance schemes, prices and benefits are placed along with the ranging needs of clients, these vary from basic to complex.

Get a quote today – We have a spectrum of Allianz Covers for a huge range of in-patient and day-care treatments as well as other benefits.

Allianz Global Assistance (Travel Insurance)

Allianz offers one of a kind travel medical protection. This accounts for your medical expense while you are travelling. It also covers travelling expense along with the health care you might need on the trip. However, occasionally, they may not cover for a check up or hospitalization but they have various other features that can be explored. These include crisis restorative clearing, repatriation and incidental travel benefits like lost baggage.

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Allianz provides coverage for individuals, students, companies and expat couples at nominal prices, while not compromising on the benefits, especially maternity ones.

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